Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Single to Married = Engagement to Marriage :) :) :)

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long delay in writing this blog :) :) I was planning to write this blog from June but unable to do because of busy schedule and you guys know how lazy I am: P: P :) from January I haven’t wrote any blog or even read much!!!!! Coming to the point, I got married on June. My dad searched for a Girl and I married the Girl who was the first one I saw and without hesitation I decided to plan my life with her :)


                I was the mentor of some of the Campus Minds and I was accompanying them for a lunch + beach trip on February 9th. We went to Rainforest and from there to Besant Nagar Beach and started playing football and enjoying the sea. We thoroughly enjoyed the day out. At about 8PM I got a call from a person called Vaithee and I gave my father’s number to him. 
               I reached the home by 9.30PM on that day. My father told me that I have a got a match and horoscope is matching. Also he said we are going on 12th to see the Girl. Girl name is Sahana. Then I got hesitated because I haven’t seen the Girl and I told my dad that we are not going until I see the Girl. I also told that they should see my photo before seeing in person, I am a firm believer that we shouldn’t hurt anyone while seeing them. So I was very careful in my words, first we need to check our photos and like and then only we need to see in person.

                Then there was a fight between me and my dad and at last we postponed our visit to February 19th. Then I slept nicely on that day and went to office next day.


February 12th was my friend’s (Baskar) Marriage and so I and my friend sati wanted to buy a gift for him on Feb 11th. At 8.30 PM I got a call from unknown number.

UNK (Sahana): Hello!!

Me: Hello. Who is this?

UNK (Sahana): I am Sahana. Is this Ravi?

Me: Yes I am Ravi. Which Sahana?

UNK (Sahana): How many Sahana you know?

Me: Oh You are the girl who my dad said. Sorry. Tell me…….

Sahana: I just now got the number from your dad. You are unable to remember the name. I just want to speak to you and get how you speak and for that only I called you :) :)

Me: Is it so? Then where did you study…..

Then usual conversations proceeded and we spoke for about 20 Minutes. This is the first time I have spoken to a girl with some authority and my friend was waiting for me in another room. I was blushing all the way and I told my friend about the happenings in my life. He started to bully me and told to close friends once we came out. We bought the gift and came back. The I started to message my beloved (Now not at that time: P: P) with some nice forwards and some inept msg’s in between too :) :)

                On Sunday I went to attend marriage and came back and same messaging pattern followed. She finished of her 100 msg per day in 2 hours and started to message me from her brother’s and mom’s cell. So it went on like that for the week.


                The week followed had the Valentine’s Day and I proposed her for the first time :) :) also this was my first proposal in my life time :) :)Its Trueeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We messaged in till the wee hours of the morning and it was blissful :) :) I enjoyed thoroughly the way the life was turning out. It was the best thing that happened to me after my mom’s demise…  We bought got gift for both for the D-day of my life.

                February 19th – I along with my family went to her home for seeing her. She was very nervous on that day and I was normal :) :) . The time was small and they asked us whether both liked each other and we liked. Then all of them were involved in some random talks and we were told to go to separate place and discuss.

                I gave her an anklet as a gift which I bought in my friend (Susil) shop... She gifted me a Kaadai (Kaapu like thing). We started discussing and talked for about 15 minutes about our life. I mostly talked about my friends and how I wanted to have her in my life. She too talked in a manner which a matured girl will be thinking. I was happy to have a girl who thinks smartly to be my wife. I forgot to mention…. She was looking like my mom from sideways which was the first thing I noticed when I saw her photo :) :)


                We had our House warming Function on March 4th and so we planned to club our Engagement with the House warming. So my engagement was planned on March 4th. The day where I lose my Single status and went into committed status in FB :) :) also in life!!!!! .  The Engagement was done in a simpler way and all the relatives came and wished us good luck. My friends made it a memorable day with their chat for almost an hour :).

                After engagement, the calling hours increased and messaging was done at will… She will be having 7PM to 5AM shift and I will be getting up by 5 in the morning and call her:) :). I haven’t remembered me getting up at 5AM even for the exams :) :). It was a blissful period I had in my life:) :). She had once said she likes surprises. I wanted to surprise her with some surprises which she will not be able to guess :) :). Marriage date was fixed as June 14th.


                I booked 2 tickets for a film called OKOK and we were about to take invites for our wedding on that day. I took her in my bike and went for a ride and went straight to satyam. She was astonished and angry on me. She was surprised but as girls do they don’t want to show their willingness she showed her anger on me :) :) the eyes threw fire. But due to AC inside I got spared a bit and film was also a light hearted comedy and I escaped the fury in the theatre :) :) .Then after the film ended we went to check invites, but to my bad luck I didn’t found anything good in parrys and I travelled about 40kms in bike to get a card :). But the cards were good and awesome:). So we had a good time in spite of me having to have some dosage of anger fury :) :)

                Then the days become shorter and we were talking as much as we can, since she will not be able to use her mobile inside her office:( :(. But the calls and messages increased the bonding much so that we can understand each other with some occasional fights:) :). Fights are nice in that time as we can understand and get to know each other’s limit:).  We also went to a film “Vazhakku Enn 18/9” to Satyam on Month of May.


                June 14th – The D-Day on which I lost my Marital Status from Single to Married :) :). As a Brahmin, we will be having the marriage for 3 days. Starting with the Vridham on the 1st day morning, Reception at the evening, Marriage on the next day Morning, Nalangu at Evening and the next day morning leaving for the respective home:) :). My home got a woman who can handle the care and affection of our house, after my mom and there she came, My Sahana!!!!! To my home on the June 15th.


We went Honeymoon to North India, Covering Places as Shimla, Manali and Chandigarh.

 I shall com with a blog of my trip to Himalayan Mountains in my next blog :) :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Future of Indian Cricket!!!!!!! GOD Only Knows

At the start of Border-Gavaskar trophy, India was the firm favorites and all were saying they will make the hapless Aussies and win the series in Australia for the first time. After the gap of exactly 2 weeks, we lost a golden opportunity to win a series in Australia. Indians are now fighting for their survival in the series with their back right to the wall on a pacy and bouncy track of WACA.

The three seniors who are almost playing their last series in Australia will be very unhappy. They can’t attain what Kallis and Lara attained in their careers, A Series win in Australia. In that only Sachin has the decent outing in the tests whereas Dravid and Laxman were not at their best (To be mentioned Average). The way to see our test results outside India shows us in a bad and worse to yet to begin. The three senior’s retirement time is not much and since youngsters faltering to deceive has opened a new debate. The Selectors have many things to answer. Is it the right thing to point fingers on the selectors for this heavy defeats or we are missing something?

The questions are:

1.Is India Tiger at home and cat overseas?

2.Are seniors tiring and is it the right time to hang their boots?

3.Are there any good bowlers in India except Zaheer? Are there any backup seamers in place if he gets injured?

4.Are youngsters too much liking IPL rather than the test matches?

5.Youngster’s failure resulting in the Indian loss?

6.Too much of hype around an individual record rather than the team?

7.Is Dhoni is fit to captain Indian Test team? Is anyone feeling he is more of a reactive captain rather than proactive? Aggression is also lesser lot!!

8.Dhoni’s fallback approach is eating into India’s chances of winning test matches and also he is not in form in test matches.

These are the questions which must be answered by players and then by selectors. They knew their strengths and weaknesses and somehow their losing stretch is not yet over. Let us hope for the best and the future of Indian cricket is really not safe.

I must admit one thing here. India is Tiger at home and so we are seeing a difference in their performances. So by my analysis the thing is all are becoming very good at home, in their easier pitches and home advantage they are able to win. But the truth is everyone is poor travelers nowadays. So the standard of test matches is degrading day by day. IPL is one of the things which have a major role in it. Everyone is happy to play for 20 over’s and get paid heavily rather than playing a test and getting good money.

In my view, all should lessen their 20-20 tournaments and enhance their domestic structure and teach them how hard to earn as cricketer. If you can’t play well, you can’t earn. Youngsters are earning easy money and they are not feeling the bad thing about the loss of career and their place is taken for granted by some valuable innings in IPL. When this thing changes only Indian cricket can get the heads on and become a good team worldwide. I can’t say they can be world beaters as WI or Aussies, but they won’t struggle as they are doing now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bidding Adieu to 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping the Better 2012 :) :)

2011 was the happening year of my life so far. Lots of things happened and all at the unexpected juncture of my life. Appreciations in office, Marriages all through the year and unexpected demise of my mom are the basic things happened in this year. Moreover this year God took my precious gift (Mom) and it is irreplaceable. Still lingering of her demise, I look at the god asking him why did he took my precious gift and presented with some of the other ones which can be got any time at my lifetime. But my mom’s demise made me really strong and I am a stronger person now. I can take anything which comes my way and tackle it easily.

The Good things happened in this year are:

1.My Best Buddy Satish’s Marriage

2.Tour of Wayanad

3.Appreciations in Mindtree

4.Renu & Banu Marriage

5.Shoniya & Sharmi Marriage

6.Surya’s Marriage

7.Prakash Marriage

8.Sati getting placed in Wipro

9.Vel’s Confirmation

10.Raghav’s engagement

11.Cousin’s Marriages

12 TSA Trips

As I said my mom’s demise erased almost all the good things of 2011. Still I am trying to come out of it and trying to be stronger, but still the feeling lingers. On the personal front still I am single at the end of 2011 :) :)

2011 Flashback:

January- March:

The first quarter of the year was so good for me. I got into Girlscouts project in a full time and started working. The work was good and life was balanced lot. Our team size was 4 and we had a good rapport and everything was in place. Banu got married in January. I can’t forget the conversation of Satish in Share auto until now: P: P in February, we had the great Wayanad trip. The trip rocked as ever and we had a good time. The same routine continued in March too. So it was great quarter for me :) Also India won the world cup after a gap of 28 years ( A gap of almost of 7 World Cups :) :) )!!!! Goose flesh!! As a true Indian fan :)

April – June:

The second quarter was less dramatic than the first one. It had 1-2 of my cousin’s wedding and it went by attending it. Vel got confirmed in May. Also one of my colleagues Shoniya got married in June. So it can be termed as marriage attending quarter. My Mom was admitted in a hospital in June and got discharged in a week time. The first instance of her inability started in this quarter. But we didn’t know it was the start of the real bad thing to come. It was the quarter where I went to Mettupalayam and ooty which is very near to it (For Shoniya’s Marriage).


This was the worst period of the year. July went off seeing India getting thrashed by England. August 2011, the month when I lost my mom and it was lowest I ever felt I had been in my life. The way was dark and don’t know how to proceed in my life further. She was the one who will take care of even silly things in my home and I am feeling the pinch after her loss. I remained composed and ordered during the hard times too but it was a bitter pill to swallow. Still after 2-3 days I was able to compose myself and feeling will linger forever as mom is irreplaceable. Raghav got engaged in August.

In September some things changed and I was back to normal, Thanks to marriage to my best buddy Satish Mukundan. I went to distribute invitations with him and my friends made me comfortable by being with me in all the times of my downward thinking. I am really happy to be having a gang of friends as them and I feel blessed!!! His marriage was on September 15th and it was in villupuram. We went a day before and enjoyed the hospitality and marriage went on fine. Wish him good luck :) Rest of the month I was put up in a new project and I was slowly coming back to normal.

October – December:

October, I was born in this month and I didn’t feel like celebrating my birthday anyway this year. I had been given an opportunity to work in new tool and that changed my thinking a bit. I was able to get my smile back in October. November was also a month of marriages :) Prakash got married with his lover who happens to be also our college mate... Hehe :) Sharmi also got married and we went to Cumbam to attend the marriage (Suruli falls beckoned us too). Sati joined Wipro in October and wish him good luck in IT industry :)

December 1st, one of my good friend Renu got married. I was happy for her as she got a good match and wish her good luck :) she was very angry on me for not coming for her marriage (I went to her reception). Sorry Renu, U can cut some things while you are giving treat :) hehe!!!

On December 4th Surya got married and we went to Kakinada for his marriage. It was an eventful trip which I had written in my previous blog spot :) So it was an eventful year as far I am considered and all the ingredients was sandwiched upon me this year.

The Year as a whole:

I was also awarded 10/10 Award and Shining Star Award for doing good works at the workplace. Also I am getting good exposure by taking interviews. The best of the lot was the training which I took to the freshers :) I took the training on BOXI and to be frank it was my first instance at work place. I used to teach my friends during our college days and I go reminded of it again. I think I had done a fair job in that too and the campus minds were also interactive and so it was job made easier. Also I was asked to mentor some people which enhanced my responsibility and I tried to be helpful as far I can :)

TSA Trips are the one where we will be going to Orphanage and Old age home from Mindtree. It gives me immense good feeling when i go there and spend time. I have missed last year for about 6 times and so next year i am planning to go all the months to the trip. The orphanage gives the environment in which you can enjoy with the children and old age home which shows the aged people need our love and nothing else. It shows how not to behave to the parents and makes us assured of the thing that parents are before God.I learnt the nature of old people and tried in making them happy as far i am considered.. Thanks Mindtree TSA Team for providing me such opportunity :)

So all in all 2011 was a mixed bag. A lot of good things but my mom’s demise tilted the whole thing and I feel that I am hard done by god on that. I am hoping that 2012 brings the best out of me and let god bring some happiness (which can’t be 100%) back on to my home. Bidding adieu to 2011, longing for a better 2012 :) :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kakinada Trip - A Comical one !!!!!!!!

Last weekend was one of the happening in my life. I went to my colleague marriage in Kakinada, Andhra and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Trip started at Egmore at Saturday 5.20 PM. We boarded Circar express at the warm evening in Chennai. The train was usually full and buzz was missing.

Train was moving as a bullock cart and slow as hell. Then we heard that journey will of 16 hours.. Thinking what to do us were involved in some random talks (Boyish Talks: P: P). Then we had our dinner and about to do the important thing for a human being... Sleeping :) The 2 seats in front of us were free and some people were behind the TTR to allocate the seats to them.

A family of 4 was also coming with us and they had their RAC tickets confirmed. Thanks to our guys not turning up to the trip :) then there was a single seat vacant in our side. It was allotted to an elderly person. He was well dressed up and an old man of an age of about 65. He was also having sandal and kungumam in his forehead. He had Pepsi and a packet of chapathi for his dinner. He was looking gentle and sat with us, Started talking on some things and went on, on and on. At that we found out that he is drunk and so slowly started to reduce the chat.

He started with me and asked whether he can take the lower berth. He himself self declared that I will be giving him as he is old. I too obliged to stop being involved in chat. Then we were discussing some things which were on personal front :) Then once again he poked his nose and started his speaking.

We four on a serious discussion…. Realllyyyy :) :)

Old man: Hi guys!!! What are you discussing?
Ramanan (My Team Lead): we are just discussing some things on the personal front.

Old Man: I am 65. I worked for all my life and now enjoying. I will travel a lot. So don’t worry be happy!!!!

Ramanan:!@#% (In Mind)

Old man: Sir, I think you are Project Manager. Could you please help?

Ramanan: I am not manager. I am just the lead.

Old Man: It’s ok. You can help me sir. From your talking I believe that you can help me.

Ramanan: I am not that big person. I can’t help in all situations.

Old Man: My son is good in some software. You know vivek’s billing software and he is good at web designing. Could you please help me in getting my son a job in your concern?

Ramanan: Sir, I am not that much big as you think and I can’t select a person as such. (Pleading to stoppppp)

Old Man: It’s ok. Please give your business card, So that I can contact you in future.

Ramanan: (Searching in his purse) actually acting and doesn’t finds one. Old man seeing anxiously on the events happening in the process.

Suresh interrupts and asks Ramanan whether he is not having the card. Ramanan gives him a sheepish smile and tells him to be quiet. He had one in his bag and didn’t disclose. Old man was desperate on the things happenings.

Old Man: Could you please write your name and phone number, I can use it to contact in the future.

Ramanan: (Thinks hard) Writes someone’s name and mobile number and gives it back to the old man :)

For drunkards, His brand was McDowell. He had mixed it with Pepsi to hide the fact: P

The old man was happy and the family man whom I told came to our rescue. He told that old drunk man to go to some other seat and he slept in our place as his family was beside. In the morning when we woke up the old man didn’t even Speak and forgot all the happenings the other night :) has anyone too bugged up with you guys???

The Next one and half days flied with Surya’s marriage and we enjoyed it thoroughly. From the people there to the food, all were awesome :) the photo session also going side by side. We had some various poses and got tired of it eventually!!! The marriage was by 1.45 AM (Yeah its AM). We stayed awake till late night and made our presence in the marriage:). The train for us was very early in morning and so we didn’t slept for the night!!!!

We boarded a train from Kakinada to Vijayawada and reached by 10AM. Then we planned to go to Kanaga Durga temple. The temple was on the hill and steps were to climb which tested our stamina. Our stamina was one of the worst and proved when we walked through the steps (Hustling and bustling). We had a super darshan and made our way to the road. Krishna River was nearby and we went and had a view of it. Also had our legs washed away by the water :). We boarded Jan Shatabdi train from Vijayawada to Chennai Central. It came to Chennai by 9.30 PM. We ran to Chennai Park and got the tickets.

We boarded the straight train to Chengalpet. Once again our common thing came back to haunt us :) Old man beside us :)

Old Man: Hi guys…. Are you working in IT Company?

RajaRam(RR): (Scapegoat now) Yes

Old Man: My daughter is also working in software.

RR: ok

Old man: Will you be going to foreign?

RR: Yes. Sometimes!!!! (Thinking why I got into this situation)

RR: Ramanan this marriage hall is nice Na???

Ramanan: Not wanting to get into the conversation Turns the head and replies yes!!!! He he (Why to become the scapegoat again)

Old man: My daughter has gone to France and he has two gals :)

RR : ok (Thinking what the hell he is going to knowing that information, That too married girl’s information :P :P )

Ramanan was about to get down at Mount station, started to get up in guindy itself. The train was full and to avoid rush he started.

Old man: Sir, where are you going to get down?

Ramanan: St.Thomas Mount

Old Man: This is guindy only sir. Why getting up now itself?

Ramanan: (Thinking what shall I do to get out of this) I can get down easily if I get up now itself.

Old Man: Great sir. Nice planning :) (Shaking his hands)

Ramanan escaped the mokka to be precise :) :)

Rajaram continued to be in the conversation. I told him to wear head set and listen to songs by means of action. I too wore headset and started hearing songs. The plan worked and old man got another man to put his mokka. The worst thing was he was not even drunk. We thought if he had drunk what the hell it would be!! Hehe.

Our travel experience was no less than a comical script…. There were 12 cars and so many seats in train and in another it was about 2k people in the train but the person was near us.

Adhu epadi da engala patha matum mokka podanum nu thonudu” . Also i remembered the song " Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri di!!!!!" .We were made the scapegoat for the second time in three days…. Has anyone got the same experiences.. Do share and make us less hearted so that we are not the only scapegoats :) :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Four Years of IT Industry Life

November 14th 2007

From May 17th 2007, When I finished my BE (EEE) I was waiting for joining date in Cognizant. It took almost half year to get that elusive call to join the company on November 16th. I also asked them jokingly are they calling for November 16th or December 16th. Then calls flew from my landline to different parts of India to tell the good news. At last I got the chance to get my first pay cheque :) :) From My Class only 4 guys were selected, Me, Nirmall, Sam and Bala.

November 16th 2007

We were asked to come to Tidel Park on November 16th 2007. I along with my friend Nirmall went there on the prescribed date. We got down at the Madhya Kailash and Nirmall said we can go by walk and it is just 5 minutes walk. We started to walk and at halfway only we came to knew that he was referring that with respect to bike. We walked for almost 25 minutes to reach that place. We were astonished to see hifi buildings and surprised to see people walking here and there with ID cards hanging in them. Swipe in and Swipe out also astonished us as we haven’t seen anything like that in our college life.

I and Nirmall searched for the last seat as possible (As all of the college students do). We got the last seats too. The lectures started and went for almost 6 hours on the day. We also had some games in between so that we are not asleep :) we occupied the last row and second last row by Eswari College people (Sister Concern of our college) We got some friends there itself. The First day was good and the question for many was when we will get our IPOD (As Cognizant had given 30GB IPOD to all their staff on becoming 1billion$ company). But we didn’t got any answers for it :)

November 18th -19th 2007

The next two days were the weekend. But we went to do Medical checkup in the AVM Medical Foundation in Royapettah. We as a gang went there and finished the formalities and got the medical certificate from them.

November 20th-21th 2007

The Next two days were the lectures lined up and we did listened for sometime in spite of getting drowsy most of the times :) The best thing about these two days was the batches was formed for us. Also they had the ratio of 50-50 of girls and guys :) so in the process we lost one more person from our college Bala to Mainframes batch :( we got the Advance Java batch which was a huge shock. We are from electrical background and we were terrified to see the java. But as I say whatever happened happens for good, took it as a challenge and made my walk towards the horizon.

November 22nd- 25th 2007

On Wednesday after the first two days of lecture, we were told to go to Siruseri for the soft skills program. I woke up at 4AM to catch the 5AM train at my place. Reached Tidel park by 7AM so as to catch the 7.15AM Cab. We went through the soft skills program and got to know the persons in our batch. We mingled with one another well in spite of the cultural differences.

November 19th 2007 – July 1th 2010

My tenure in Cognizant was about 2 years 8 months. I really liked the environment and people there. I had so many friends and they were so helpful. They have helped in any other way in my life. Be it a small or big help, all of them have done me a lot of favor by persisting with me and also continuing doing so :)

All can get the glimpse of my Cognizant life from the blog posts I have written before :)

Training: Sweet Memories Of Training in Cognizant

Project Experience: Project Experiences in Cognizant

July 5th 2010 – Present

I quit Cognizant in July 2010 and joined Mindtree. I had lots of questions in my mind whether I am doing the right thing or not. But I have not looked back and regretted my decision. Mindtree has treated with care and I had been doing so well and getting the confidence. I have been given lots of opportunities to perform and I liked it here. The transparency of the nature of the work and work culture, Work life balance is awesome so far here :) I have my Mindtree Experiences in my blogs:

Transition: My Transition from Cognizant to Mindtree

Experiences: Mindtree July 2010-2011

So this is all about my four year experiences in IT industry. So far I have enjoyed the challenge and relished it. In spite I am a guy who disliked computer once upon a time, now coming to terms in life. I know the challenges ahead are steep and I am ready to see it and conquer it. Hope all is well!!!!!!! Hoping for a great future and happy to be at this state in this juncture :) At last Whatever happens in life happens for good :) :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

An Ode to my Friends on Birthday Special Post

October 20th 2011- I Came round the Sun for the 26th time i.e. I completed 26 years in this earth. I got wishes from all the persons I knew and I am happy to be remembered by all. The Friends are the one who will eradicate the bitter sorrows in your mind. They are the ones who will be with you in all times- Good and Bad. I am blessed with have this kind of friends.

The most testing phase of life is going on for me now and I am putting every step after thinking a lot. I was dashed when my mom died in August, leaving her sons with a mountain to climb. But because of my friends I am able to defy the sorrows and get up and do my responsibilities. Thanks for being with in my hard times :) I want to thank some of them in this post

Satish Mukundan: He was my schoolmate and college mate. He is one of my best buddies and he knows about me in and out. The way he helped in all situations even before my mom’s death is very commendable. He is one person in whom you can rely on anytime. Just now he got married and I wish him a very happy married life. The way he will care of other persons and helping tendency of him astonishes me a lot. He is gem of a person and a person who won’t get angry in any situation. You can bully him anytime but he will be smiling at the end of it. Thanks for being my friend :) :)

Sivaraman: He was my schoolmate. He is not with me physically after the college period but will be helping me by means of online or in networking sites. He is one of the brilliant guy I have come across. Absolutely genius and his ideas will make us feel proud. He is my idol when it comes to write a blog. He points out my pros and cons effectively and neutrally. Thanks for being my friend :)

Poornima: She was also my schoolmate. She has been with me in all my incidents in my life. I need to thank her for the support she has been giving me so far. She is married now and has a child too. Still she calls me frequently and asks what I am doing and all stuffs as she was before marriage. She is very kind at heart. She has been my idol for the patience she has in her self.

Renu: Renuka was my schoolmate. She is one person I admire. Her way of speaking and behavior astonishes me. The way she respects the friendship is awesome. She will be straight forward and innocent too. She believes whatever others say :) also she will do what she thinks and doesn’t think what others think of it. Her famous Quote is “It is our life and live for yourself”. I have respect for her for this attitude of hers.

Vel: He was my schoolmate and college mate. He is a very jovial friend of mine. He will be always with at my bad times and will be making some jokes to which you will laugh for sure. He is a fan of F1 and Football. A hard core Lionel Messi fan and watches these two without fail. A budding Railway engineer in the making and he can give you good innovative ideas in terms of help :)

Sati: Sathish Kumar was also my schoolmate and college mate. We used to call him as Sati. He is a person who will never think of anything while doing a thing. A happy person all the way through. Smile will be always in his face which makes him special.

Badri: Badri was my Collegemate. He is one of the persons who can help you at any time. Even at the time of mom demise he had lend his help by sending his father and brother to hospital to console me. Still i remember how he was feeling when i called him when my mom was serious. I dono how i am gonna reciprocate badri. But he is that kind of person. He won't expect any thing from us. A real friend who everyone should have and i am very happy that i have got badri.. Even during college days he is one person who helps all without thinking his duties and he will have a smile and help you as much as he can. Thanks for being my friend da:)

Satish Mukundan, Me , Sati and Vel are the quartet of our place. We will go as a gang for the films and tours wherever we go :) :)

I might have left some other people from my school, College and office but it is not that i don't valued you... you have enhanced my living. Thanks for being my friend and don’t let it go till the end of life :) :)

Thanks once again :) :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Mom's Demise

Mother is a short word but has a big meaning. She is the one who helps when we are not well or feeling down. Whenever we are in trouble, the first person who comes in our mind will be our mom. I lost my mom a month back. Still the feeling lingers and the loss is irreplaceable. In the broader sense she is no more and we can’t change the fate.

When I was a year old, I had an accident. Hot water poured all over my body. Skin from the front side of the body came off and she was the one who ran taking me to the hospital. She used to apply ointment and give tablets to me. I didn’t remember but can assume the care she had for me. She won’t even eat and will be praying to god for my goodness. The way mother cares is special and none can give it back.

Whenever i get hurt or not feeling she is the one who will come first to help. I will not go to hospital without her. At the age of 25 too she will be accompanying me. All people are children to their mom even if they are grownup.


Basically I am from the Lower middle class family. My Mom was born and brought in North India. She didn’t know Tamil clearly when she came after marriage. But she has the maximum number of friends in my locality now. Everyone were praising about her helping tendency. She had the confidence to move well with all and to be precise she is very friendly. Helping others will be her motto. The way she handles the bank details astonishes many. She ran the family with 600 rupees in the start.

When I joined 11th, we had a money crunch in our family. We got about 5000 from my dad’s uncle. My mom said she will pay 500 per month and finish off the debt. She was very confident and she did what she promised. Till now my dad’s uncle will praise her for it. My dad’s salary was less than 5k at that time.

As a student I learnt the situation of my family and one thing which she had in my mind is not to ask someone’s help for my job. She wanted me to perform well in my studies and I too got placed in campus. Her brother’s will put money in her bank account but she had never taken a single penny even at the time of problem.

I am very happy that I fulfilled her wish of getting placed in a good concern without any recommendation. Now I am feeling proud that I made her soul happy and will continue to do so in the future even if she is no more. She made me confident and I owe her a lot for that.

Love and Affection

The love and affection she has in all is not tangible. She is the youngest of the lot in her family. She will be loved by all and she reciprocates doubly. I learnt from her the love and affection is not a reciprocating one but it should come from heart. It should not expect anything. The quality she had made her friendly to all. All relatives are very close to my mom because she is not a person who expects anything back. She won’t miss any functions and this quality will be not for all. From now on, many of my relatives and definitely us will miss her smile and helping tendency :(

She will have all the problems in mind and won’t reveal to us. She had some complications in her body but she will work as if nothing is there. Till 2 months back we were unaware of her condition. We admitted her in AG hospital in Tambaram on June 13th and she was discharged on June 18th. The complication further enhanced after that. Her face got bulged and whatever she ate was vomited. She lost about 15 kgs in 2 months. My Dad got retired on July 20th and we admitted her Sundaram Medical Foundation hospital on August 1st. For the first 8 days she was good and talking to all. We expected her to be discharged in another 2 days after the tests are over.

Shock strikes

After a week or so she was diagnosed with TB in her Liver. So Medication was started for it. Suddenly she was unable to breathe well and was put under oxygen mask for 2 days. She had some severe pain in wearing it but on insistence of me she wore it. I was beside her from that day and my dad was there from day 1. On August 13th her condition became very unstable. She wasn’t able to breathe well and changed to ICU. There also condition didn’t improved and so they said they need to put her in ventilator. She resisted by saying she doesn’t need ventilator. This was the last impressions she gave. After that her condition worsened and doctors also said they can’t do much. The fate was clear and my mom was waging a losing battle.

On August 14th 7.20 AM my mom passed away, Leaving her sons and beloved hubby. She would have not thought to go and definitely not to leave us. But the fate had other ideas and she is no more. She was youngest of lot in her family and the way my uncles and aunts cried moved me on. But as my mom tells be composed in whatever we do, I remained calm. I don’t know how I was composed but for the good I was composed to make all the rituals.

My Mom demise is the biggest shock of my life. She was my teacher and lead in all things I do. After I joined CTS I used to get my mom sari on her birthday without her knowledge. Now I can’t do that. I didn’t expect to end so abruptly. But life has to go on. This is in my mind right now. I need to take care of my dad and younger brother. That is my first priority now. I need to do what my mom wanted to do for my family.

Thanks mom!!! For giving the good things and the way you brought me up. The love and affection you showered on me.. The confidence you instilled on me…. Miss you mom :( :( :( Be with me in my life and guide me all the way through!!!!!!

God please give me the strength to lead my life without my mom. I know she will be with me mentally.Please help me whenever i miss her personally :) :) Mom is God and Vice versa!!!!!

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